Our Reports include:

  • A view from the top” with our High Def Drone video uploaded to our website with a special password protected page we create for you.
  • A full “PDF” report uploaded to our website that is password protected for you to view and download.
  • A hard copy of the report sent to the address you choose.

Inspection Reports Printed On-Site!

When we finish the inspection, we give you a quick report of the issues we found so that you can start your due diligence.

A few hours later we send you the full report via email or password protected on our website.

Easy to understand Reports!

View a sample report right here to see how easy we have made it for you and your realtor.

What good is a report if you cannot understand it?


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Home Repairs

Oh yes! As a Licensed Contractor in South Carolina, we can do a multitude of repairs on any home. Click here to see what we can do and how to get it done.

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Yearly Home Maintenance Packages

Protect your Roof, your Air / Heating unit and get your Gutters cleaned…. Yearly!

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We offer a “100% Money Back Guarantee”

If we do your inspection and it is brought to our attention that we missed something according to the “Standards Of Practice“, you will receive a 100%refund of your cost for the inspection.

To View our policy on our 100% Money Back Guarantee, Click here.

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