Booking your inspection

Booking your Inspection is as easy as 1, 2, 3, but because of the different types and depths of an Inspection, you have to ask yourself this,

  • How detailed do I want my Inspection?
  • Do I want just a certain item Inspected or do I want a complete Inspection?
  • Do I want a Mold or any other testing?

All Services listed below

How to Book your inspection

3 Easy steps

  • EmailĀ or callĀ (864-509-9218) to discuss everything you want or need.
  • Pre Inspection Agreement: A simple document that explains the type of inspection you want us to perform. Can be signed at the property or sent to you via email. A sample of the Inspection Agreement so you can download and get a jump on the process.
  • Payments: we offer a few options.
  1. We can put the inspection in with the clients earnest monies?
  2. We can take a Credit card over the phone or on-site.
  3. We can take Cash or Check on-site.

Inspection Packages

We keep it simple, there are 3 different packages to choose from. Then below them is the Addons (if needed) such as Mold testing, Water testing, Etc.

Basic Inspection:

This is the most common Inspection. This Inspection will go over a lot of the safety concerns, roofing and overall condition of the house in accordance with the “Standard of Practices” for South Carolina.

Sample of Full Report


Excludes Mold, Air, Water, Lead and Radon Tests

Basic with roof report:

Besides the “Basic” Inspection, we do a thorough report of the roof. This highlights possible future leaks and things that will need to be done to prolong the life of your roof. This option comes with the Drone Video of your house from top to bottom.


Excludes Mold, Air, Water, Lead and Radon Tests

Premier Inspection:

All of the above PLUS, we inspect further into the problematic areas as well as providing you estimated costs for repair or replacing. This option comes with the Drone Video of your house from top to bottom.


Excludes Mold, Air, Water, Lead and Radon Tests

Add On Services:

The add on services are additional Inspections such as Radon, Mold, Water, Air and Lead Testing.

There are 2 ways we price out the following extra services,

  • If the following Inspections are asked to be performed with a “Home Inspection, we can give a great price when we are discussing everything you require from us.
  • If the following Inspections are all you want? In other words do NOT include a “Home Inspection”, you will have to email or call us and tell us what you want, where the property is located and we can then price it for you.

Prices vary because of different travel areas.

Roof Inspection: $150.00 and up.

Mold Testing: $00.00

Radon Testing: $00.00

Water Testing: $00.00

Air Quality Testing: $00.00

Lead Testing: $00.00

Drone Video and Pics of the house and surrounding area: $150.00