Money Back Guarantee

Money back Guarantee

We are ensuring that our customers get what they pay for.

When we do your inspection and you discover something that we both agreed would be inspected and it wasn’t, your inspection is free, point blank!

When booking your inspection it is important to know the minimum required to be considered “an inspection” in South Carolina. To see what the minimum is, click here.

This applies to any home inspector you hire, because we all follow the same “Standards of Practice”.

If there was a reason where you believe that we did not do what we were supposed to, here is how we handle it.

  1. You call or email us so that we can discuss the issue.
  2. Once we look at the issue and talk it over with you, it will be decided at that time if we owe you a refund.
  3. If we did the inspection correctly and you (the person who hired us) misunderstood what was to be inspected, no problem, we understand you just misunderstood. This is why it is important for the “Agreement” to be signed before the Inspection.
  4. If we did miss something per the agreement of our contract. Yes, you are given 100% of your money back without any further questions.

Ask yourself this, what are other Home Inspection companies offering?

At least with us you know there is a company that will stand behind their inspection.