Q. What is included in a “Home Inspection”?

A. At a minimum, South Carolina requires all home inspectors to follow the “Standards of Practice” guide. It’s a series of mini inspections on the roofing, heating / air, siding, attic space, etc etc. The actual guide we use is right here Standards of Practice as well as posted all over our site for convenience.


Q. What is ASHI?

A. They are kind of like a “watchdog” for home inspectors. As a member, we have to be held to a higher standard than what is actually required by law. Being a member makes them a better home inspector….we are!!


Q. If I call you for an inspection, how does it work?

A. Once you call us, we will ask you a few questions to make sure we do exactly what you want. Once we have all the information including the date and time of the inspection the only 3 things left to do are the contract, payment and the actual inspection. You can book it right here.

The Agreement: We can send you a PDF through email. We can bring it to the site and you can read and sign it there. It must be signed before we do the inspection.

The Payment: When you go to our “Booking Page” you can see how we made it easy for you to pay for the Inspection.

The inspection: Once the Agreement and Payment have been completed, we will do the inspection per the agreed date and time you have specified.


Q. Can I be there during the inspection?

A. Yes, no problem. We actually prefer this when you can.


Q. How fast can I get my report?

A. Usually, we can provide it right on the spot. We can print it for you or send it to your email. Sometimes we do a late inspection and the customer gets it next morning. In any case, usually a few hours after the inspections so that we can make sure everything is prepared right for you.

Q. Do you offer Mold and other inspections?

A. Yes, but these are specialty inspections that may require us to send specimens to a lab. This can be discussed as needed to give pricing and the time frame of when we think you will have the results back. Mold inspections require a different procedure than Radon and air quality test are different than a water test…, once we know what test you want, we can tell you exactly what to do.