Home Inspections

For Realtors, we offer this:

  • $75.00 / Aerial Drone pics of the house you are marketing: We provide 10 uploadable Photos of the Exterior of the house. Same day Service!
  • $150.00 / Complete property Photos: We take 4 pictures of Every room from different angles to include the 10 Aerial drone pics as well. Same day Service!
  • $100.00 / Roof Inspections: We can offer your clients a detailed roof report with photos on the condition of the roof. Same day Service!
  • We also do repairs: As long as we did not do the inspection, we can offer you this service, when needed. A lot of home owners don’t know where to turn to for their repairs?

We understand that you might already be using a “Home Inspector” for your referrals….we want to earn your business as well.

So if your current Home Inspector:

  • Leaves you hanging?
  • Doesn’t do what he used to?
  • Is always late?
  • Takes too long to get you a simple Summary report?

Give us a chance to impress you with our total package!!

Your Clients can expect this from us:

  1. We are never late. 10 minutes early is late to us.
  2. We offer a money back guarantee. Yes, it’s for real. If we do not do our job correctly, your client will receive a full refund.
  3. “On site” reporting. As soon as the inspection is over,¬† we print out the Summary Report (Sample) with photos so that your client can do their do diligence to see if the house is worth moving forward.
  4. Our reports: We have several options to get them to you and your client quickly. Uploaded to our website (Password Protected), Emailed or sometimes printed on site, this depends on the severity. Full Report(Sample).
  5. Our Inspection Agreement so you can always have it available to give your client, Inspection Agreement
  6. We look professional. This is a reflection on you (the realtor).

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NOTE: As a “Home Inspection Company” we do understand that our code of ethics (from the state) prohibits us from offering you (realtors) any special favors to help promote our company to your clients. All we are basically saying is if you find yourself in the position where your client is looking for an inspection and the company you usually use cannot assist….we are here to help.