If the current “Home Inspector” you refer to clients has become unavailable or let you down in some ways, we can help.

Your Clients can expect this from us:

  1. We are never late. 10 minutes early is late to us.
  2. We offer a money back guarantee. Yes, it’s for real. If we do not do our job correctly, your client will receive a full refund.
  3. “On the spot” reporting. As soon as the inspection is over,  we print out a quick report with photos so that you and your client can do your due diligence to see if the house is worth moving forward.
  4. Our reports: We have made “report viewing” simple and practical. No need to get a civil engineer to explain a report to you anymore. Sample
  5. We look professional. This is a reflection on you (the realtor).

For our Realtors, we also offer this:

  • We also know in many cases, your process with your client is held up because of a report that says “recommend a licensed roofer to investigate further”. We have a General Contractors license in Roofing and structural. This means our reports can keep things moving along swiftly.
  • We also offer Roofing reports / inspections if you had used another home inspector. We can offer a roof report with Trycountycontracting.com (our licensed roofing company).
  • We also do repairs. Yes, as long as we did not do the inspection, we can offer you this service.

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Our Disclaimer: As a “Home Inspection Company” we do understand that our code of ethics prohibits us from offering you (realtors) any special favors to help promote our company to your clients. All we are basically saying is if you find yourself in the position where your client is looking for an inspection and the company you usually use cannot assist….we are here to help.